Students of Class XI received letter from Hon. Kapil Sibal, Minister, HRD,New Delhi  Regarding Performamnce in Class X under CCE 2010-11

1. Ma. Satyam Patil

2. Ku.Leena A. Gaikwad

3. Ku. Namrata Sonawane

4. Ku. Madhuja Shinde

5. Ma. Sudhir Chaudhary

6. Ma. Vishal Patil

7. Ku. Komal Sonawane

8. Ku. Pragati Lokhande



Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation was formulated by Ministry of Human Resource Development to decrease the accumulated stress of board exams on the students and to introduce a more uniform and comprehensive pattern in education for the children all over the nation.CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.The scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation has inbuilt flexibility for schools to plan their own academic schedules as per specified guidelines on CCE.
New Scheme Of Evaluation: 
As a part of this newsystem, student's marks will be replaced by grades which will be evaluated through a series of curricular and extra-curricular evaluations along with academics. The aim is to reduce the workload on students and to improve the overall skill and ability of the student by means of evaluation of other activities. Grades are awarded to students based on work experience skills, dexterity, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, public speaking, behavior, etc. to evaluate and present an overall measure of the student's ability. This helps the students who are not good in academics to show their talent in other fields such as arts, humanities, sports, music, athletics, etc. This is a new term to assess all round development of a child, irrespective of individual differences.Marks And Grades:-This also has its own demerits; a child with 92 marks will get the same grade as the child with 99 marks and their talents cannot be recognized by anyone else other than their close ones and with this system students find it difficult to study many chapters because of its so called semester system and engages the student mostly in projects than studying. More than 60% of the students were afraid to take board exams. Though this system might have some drawbacks it instills this value that students need to compete with themselves to get a better grade and not with others. The grading system is- 45.5-50.0=A1 40.5-45.4=A2 35.5-40.4=B1 30.5-35.4=B2 25.5-30.4=C1 20.5-25.4=C2 15.5-20.4=D 10.5-15.4=E1 0.0-10.4=E2