Innovation andExperimentation done by teachers



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Innovation andExperimentation done by teachers









Innovation and Experimentation



Class and subject


Learning objective initially envisaged



Learning objective realised or not



Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.



 Yoga Classes for Students







Class I to X





 Physical and mental fitness of students.



  Students feel relaxed and their minds are concentrated for better learning.


Mr. Anil Kumar, PET



 Using Hindi Language efficiently


All staff


  Guidance and encouragement to staff for using Hindi in day to day life and developing skills for using Hindi Language.


  Staff is feeling enthusiasm in using Hindi Language and improving their skills


 Mr. Amol P. TGT Hindi.




Moral Education


Students of Class I to X


    Moral Talk


  Students and staff, both are participating in the moral talk.


Mrs.Jyoti Kamath, PGT(English).